How to care for your Canada Goose.

How to care for your Canada Goose.

Never ever wash your Canada Goose jacket, it can be done, but in doing so it will void their lifetime warranty.  Washing it in water may also fade the colour and weaken the insulation.  For light staining, spot clean using a mild detergent on a white cloth.  Always test in a inconspicuous place first.  Be cautious, never ever rub or you may remove some of the colour, gently dab it. It takes some patience, but it works just as well as rubbing without the potential for harm.  If you rub the stain, you may find the stain gone, but once it dries, you may also discover some of the colour and/or luster of the fabric has as well.

Stains set with age, if you can’t remove it with gentle spot cleaning, take it to a professional to get dry cleaned.  Waiting may mean you are stuck with the stain forever.  We have cleaned hundreds of Canada Goose jackets and know this all too well, no matter how good we are, once a stain really sets, it can simply be stronger than the colour of the garment and the strength of the fabric making it impossible to remove without damage.

Hang or lay down your Canada Goose in a cool dry place, if its wet, hang it and make sure it has plenty of room to dry.

Remember, your Canada Goose comes with a warranty, if there is something wrong with it, contact them.  Some have had their jackets replaced with a brand new one, but remember, when you sent it to them, it has to be professionally cleaned before it’s sent, or they will clean it for you and charge you for it.

Need help, email us, Eco Cleaners are fabricare specialist and we are happy to help.