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178579662You’ll enjoy a wide-ranging array of services.

From suits, gowns, linens, duvets and drapes to your toddler’s favourite teddy bear or a one-a-kind couture. If it can be cleaned, we can clean it for you.

Alterations, Repairs & Tailoring

Our tailoring department does it all.
From minor repairs to extensive alterations, we’ll expertly hem a pair of pants or completely remodel an outfit. Our exclusive in-house tailor (with over 35 years’ experience) will simply amaze you. Back to Top

Dry Cleaning

Your clothes don’t just come back clean, they come back rejuvenated! Our revolutionary state-of-the-art dry cleaning process treats your clothes like a mineral bath.  Fabrics feel softer and supple again. We won’t damage fibers or leech dyes. Clothes look newer longer and colours stay bright and clear.  And no annoying shrinkage, no matter how many times we clean them for you. Back to Top


The feel of a clean crisp shirt makes a great start to your day.  We meticulously inspect your shirt, loose buttons are tightened, cracked or missing ones are replaced; delicate ones are either covered or removed before cleaning and re-sewn. Collar and cuffs are gently hand scrubbed to remove oils and dirt and spots removed. Your laundered shirts are washed in our advanced commercial washer using the most specialized detergents and finishing products specifically designed for shirt laundry.  This isn’t your regular home laundry.

For your best or dark coloured shirts, we strongly recommend dry cleaning.  It’s not only gentler on garments, but darks and colours will not fade. Dry cleaned shirts are hand pressed and finished to perfection. Back to Top

Sweaters & Knits

There is simply no other dry cleaning process that will revitalize your sweaters and knits, with noticeably softer to the touch and vibrant colours.  Each sweater and knit is carefully cleaned, then steamed and hand blocked to perfect form, they are then meticulously removed of any lint, fuzz and fluff.  De-fuzzing the sweater by hand can take our staff up to 20 minutes per sweater, all at no additional charge.  Sweaters and knits are returned to you as good as or better than new, folded and lined with tissue paper over hangers or upon request in reusable sweater bags. Back to Top

Household Textiles & Linens

Comforters, duvets, beddings, table cloths and fine linens are all treated with exacting standards and care.  It start with a thorough inspections, extensive stain removal then the best possible process is chosen, from wet cleaning, dry cleaning or both, to hand washing and baths.  The best possible care is given each and every time.

Our non-toxic cleaning assures the best possible cleaning for your household items.  Imagine the warmth of your favorite duvet at night and the peace of mind that no toxic chemicals residues will be lingering within. Back to Top

Window Coverings

The proper window dressings are not only practical but often make the room.  Too often drapes are ignored and seldom cleaned.  The life of draperies and window dressings can be drastically shortened if not cleaned periodically.  The main culprit is the sun, over time the harsh sunlight and atmospheric gases will eat away at the fabrics, this is called fume fading.  The damage is often unnoticeable until it finally is cleaned often resulting in irreversible damage.  Protect your investment; clean your drapes at least every other year. Back to Top

Rug Cleaning

From foot traffic, dust, dirt and pet hairs, that favorite rug full of colour and character now looks old and dingy.  Eco Cleaners can help it bring it back to life, revitalizing the luster and re-brightening the colours.  From small rugs to large, if it can be cleaned, we can clean it for you.  For the larger rugs, we’ll even come pick it up and deliver it back to you clean and revitalized.  Just give us a call.  It’s that simple.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for proper cleaning and care. Back to Top

Wet Cleaning

At Eco we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to offer the very best possible care.  Having both dry cleaning and wet cleaning allows us the ability to utilize the best possible method to clean and restore garments.  Combining the sophisticated detergents and finishing products with special programming, wet cleaning is a great addition to dry cleaning. Back to Top

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding gowns are one of the most difficult garments to clean, with usually an array of food and beverage stains seen and unseen, to mud and grass on the train.  Wedding gowns are constructed for their beauty and grace with barely a thought to its durability and cleanability.  From intricate beadings, to delicate silks and laces, it requires the delicate hands of a master dry cleaner.  Eco Cleaners’ wedding gown specialist was specifically trained in the cleaning of preservation of wedding gowns; it’s a trade in itself.

Preservation of a wedding gown requires extensive skills and knowhow, it requires the gown be thoroughly cleaned, any stains left, even if unseen such as clear sugar liquid stains will yellow with time.  Gowns must be folded properly and each fold must be lined over with pure acid free tissue paper to insure the folds do not become permanent creases with time, folding a gown itself can take over an hour.  Gowns then must be placed in an acid free museum grade preservation box.  Done properly a wedding gown can last lifetimes. Back to Top

Canada Goose & Down Apparel

The harsh realities of Canadian winters can often be subdued by quality down apparel.  Without frequent cleaning the down will clump and loose much of its insulation properties.  Canada Goose instructs their goose down filled parka to be dry cleaned only or it will void the warranty.  Our non-toxic dry cleaning process will protect your Canada Goose Parka and other down apparel so they’ll protect you for a lifetime. Back to Top

UGGS & other Sheep Skin or Suede footwear

Remove the Ugh from your Uggs!  The harsh Canadian winters can do a number on your favorite boots, from salt stains, road grime to plain mud and dirt.  While Uggs have become very trendy, stains and odours are not.  Careful cleaning is needed to properly remove stains and maintain the form and beauty of the footwear.  Let Eco Cleaners bring life back into your Uggs and sheep or suede footwear.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your footwear to come back looking and smelling like new. Back to Top

Your Precious Leather and Suede

Leather and suede garments are resilient, well insulating and protective.  With the proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

Use of proper cleaning solutions to remove stains and dirt, use of the latest finishing equipment to give your garments shape while keeping the skin soft and supple, also replenishing the natural oils garments lose over time to bring your leathers and suede back to life.

For faded or dull colours on your worn leather and suede garments, the re-dying process can bring back the natural colour and luster.

Any type of repairs from simple missing buttons to damaged zippers or even a brand new lining is done to perfection by our tailoring department.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your leather and suede garments to come back clean and revitalized. Back to Top

Eco Disaster Restoration

Smoke and Water Damage Restoration for Customers and Insurance Professionals.

When disaster occurs and all seems lost, Eco Cleaners is here to help.  With in-depth knowledge of fabrics and restoration techniques we can save garments and textiles thought lost forever.  From smoke damage to water damage our abilities are only limited by what is possible.  We’ll assess the damage, recommend the best possible solutions and work with you every step of the way.

Eco Cleaners work hand in hand with insurance adjusters to assess insurance claims and make proper meticulous evaluations on the cost of restoration versus cost of replacement.  Our goal is to minimize the impact of claims and to satisfy the customer.

Most dry cleaners charge insurance companies 4, 5 or even 10 times above their retail dry cleaning cost, because of the extra work involved, but most times just because they can.

In fact restoration networks that serve to funnel claims to their member dry cleaners have a set price list for their members to charge insurance companies and customers.  These set prices far exceed the industry average and are not set on the actual cost of the work, but deliberately/methodically calculated based on their studies on how much insurance companies are willing to pay, in order to maximize your bill and their profits.  After all, members of their network have to pay them hefty territory fees, membership dues and large commissions.  Who do you think are absorbing those costs – you the customers and the insurance company.

Eco Cleaners is independent of these networks solely for these reasons.  Our many loyal clients trust us wholly and we would never let that trust be compromised.

We are here to help, contact us. Back to Top