Request Less Packaging

Request Less Packaging

Less Tissue Paper 

No Plastics 


No Tissue Paper 

Less Garment Covers 

No garment covers, I will provide my own covers 

Eco Cleaners uses the greenest packaging available. Including tissue papers made of recycled papers, plastic clips made of 100% recycled plastics and degradable garment covers.

We make efforts to reduce our packaging to the bare minimum, to use only what is required to preserve the integrity of the garment’s shape and protect its appearance.

If you would like us to further reduce packaging of your garments, we are more than happy to do so.

Please fill out the form and send it to us and we’ll put a note on your account of your requests.

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Please note.  Using less tissue paper and/or less garment covers may result in some wrinkling during handling and transit and may reduce our ability to properly shape the garments, such as the shoulders.