We believe in letting our products and services speak for themselves. But we can’t help it if our loyal customers write us letters of praise every now and then. And because we take such pride in our work, these letters are our greatest rewards.

Here are a few testimonials from some of our customers.


The Toronto Environmental Alliance applauds Eco Cleaners for their outstanding efforts in providing a toxic-free dry cleaning service to Torontonians…Eco Cleaners is an environmental leader that puts human health and the environment ahead of profits.
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Toronto Environmental Alliance

As a regular Customer, I chose Eco Cleaners for their outstanding effort to reduce the toxic footprint of dry cleaning and the very fine service that accompanies that ongoing commitment.

Arlin Hackman,
VP, Conservation and Chief Conservation Officer, WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

My clothes are returned in amazing condition, cleaned in eco-friendly materials. Even better the clothes are picked up and delivered to my house making the task of taking care of dry cleaning so simple. The staff are very accommodating as well!
I highly recommend Eco Cleaners!

Jodie Kaufman Davis,
Senior Associate, Dorsey & Whitney LLP,
Co-chair of UJA Impact Toronto

I have been a very satisfied Eco Cleaners customer from the very beginning.  I was thrilled when they opened their doors that someone was finally offering an eco friendly alternative to the standard toxic solvents that most Dry Cleaners use.  The service is efficient, friendly and convenient and we couldn’t be happier.

Suzanne Ivey Cook,
Ivey Foundation

Eco Cleaners is the best dry cleaning service in the city, bar none.  Their process is the best for the environment, the best for our health, and it gets the best results.  What more could you ask for?

Grant Gordon,
Creative Director, Key Gordon Communications

Most dry cleaners use a solvent called perc, or percholorethylene, but here (eco cleaners) we are using a green system.  This stuff is liquefied silicone, you know the stuff, basically it’s sand.  It’s bio-degradable, odourless, easy on the environment and on your skin.

Daily Planet,
Discovery Channel & Discovery Health Network

The dry cleaning business just got a little bit greener.  Eco Cleaners is Toronto’s first non-toxic cleaner.

CBC News,

I have been a happy Eco Cleaners customer for several years and recommend them without hesitation. Their laundry and dry cleaning is impeccable by any standard, with the added benefit that it is also green and eco-friendly. Probably my favourite feature is the complimentary valet pick-up and delivery, which has worked flawlessly for me, week in and week out, across three different addresses, never missing a beat. Add to that customer service that is always friendly and prompt and you’ve got a business that delivers in every way.

Martin T. Guest,
VP & Chief Counsel, Manulife Financial

There are too many dry cleaning stores in Toronto who claim to be green and eco-friendly, but they are not.  We have been customers of the family owned Eco Cleaners since they started being the best, safest, and greenest service in Toronto.  All this, and they pick up and deliver!

Michael de Pencier,
Director, Investeco Green Funds,
Chair, Key Publishers

I wrote a 344 page book about how women can reduce their exposure to dangerous chemicals.  I am a loyal customer of Eco Cleaners.  Need I say more?

Gillian Deacon,
Author, There’s Lead In Your Lipstick

As one of Eco Cleaners largest customers, we have come to rely on their high standards and excellent service.  Since our clothes are second hand, and for sale, they need to be impeccably clean, which we can count on from Eco Cleaners.

Julia Grieve,
Owner, Preloved Clothing Company

Other businesses offer some sort of eco friendly cleaning but Eco Cleaners is the first in Toronto to offer 100% toxic free green clean.


Toronto has its first environmentally friendly cleaners.  If you have allergies due to chemicals or a concern about the environment, Eco Cleaners may be just what you’re looking for.

Toronto Living,
Rogers Channel

Well with toxic waste fills, global warming and holes in the ozone layer, the earth has enough problems.  That’s why I’ll be bringing my dry cleaning to Eco Cleaners and you should be doing the same.

Candice Batista,
Toronto Living, Rogers Channel